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My 10,000th Day Special: The life in a day

Today is a big milestone for me, but one that I easily could have missed if I wasn’t paying attention*. It is exactly 10,000 days since I was born. Not sure what to make of this occasion because it has been a very long time since I’ve thought about my age in units any smaller … Continue reading

Ants, Ants Everywhere: and a lot more than you think

Ants are everywhere: so much so that they often heralded as one of evolution’s success stories. Recently, three open access papers have exposed secrets behind these social insects’ triumph—by unearthing their routes to new habitats; comparing how the workers measure-up to one another; and by dissecting the source of the ant’s ‘superhero’ strength. Ants have … Continue reading

Nature’s Tough Guys

What are the toughest creatures in nature? You might instinctively imagine lions, and tigers, and bears… oh my! With fearsome claws and bone-crushing jaws, these carnivores might seem an obvious choice. Then again, a stampeding elephant is clearly a formidable force of nature, tough enough to trample all in its path – whilst the deadly … Continue reading


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